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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

With respect to your visits on our website (, we would like to offer you products/services you are interested in, at the most genuine and affordable price. Serving you each time in an amended way lies in our sole criteria and we would like to employ it all the way to serve you tremendously.

Refund Policy

As our product is confectionary, the order once placed cannot be cancelled and hence no refund is possible from our side.

Privacy Policy

We Commit You Privacy!

Visiting our website ( is your need and we understand it. We would like you to experience the best of our services, considering them presented to you exclusively. Since your each visit to our website is important to us, we would like you to be aware of what we do with the information provided by you to us:

  • We keep every single piece of your information confidential or undisclosed.
  • We do not sell or rent customers’ information to any third party for marketing of any sort.

Privacy Policy Updates

In addition to what is mentioned above, we would like to bring to your notice that this policy is subject to change at any time without any prior notification to individuals, and the same shall be applicable or effective immediately upon publishing on this very page of our website. To avoid risks of any sort, please ensure that you review it at times.

You visiting our website states that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this very policy of privacy. You may immediately stop using our website if you no longer agree to any of our terms, restraining yourself from purchasing anything from our online store. If you do, you consent to the use of the information provided to us in accordance with this privacy policy.

What Do We Do With The Customer Info?

How and When we collect it : You probably be visiting our website anonymously; however, you are identified once you provided your personal information to us when purchasing any of our products/services. You may overlook one or more fields to fill or options to choose, having optional mentioned next to them. We probably tracking your visits to individual web pages, based upon your response(s) to various static or dynamic options provided/offered meanwhile. Such information is used for the betterment of visitor’s experience and our internal research programs. We may store the URL or link of the particular web page you landed from, irrespective of whether it was one of the pages linked to our website or a third party website, the next page you visit, leaving ours, information about the particular web browser and the IP address of your computer.

  • We collect you personal information that you provide us at the time of purchasing products/services from us. Rest we keep collecting information every time you visit anonymously.
  • Please be informed that your account’s information is stored on our server(s), even if it is active or you deleted it earlier. In the latter case, it remains in archive form.

Using Cookies:

Cookies are nothing but small files that store the information about the websites you visit using a particular web browser. These cookies downloaded on your computer’s hard drive help us provide the same information to you again at comparatively faster rate, when your visit our website for the next time. This is the web server that stores such information on your web browser in the form of cookies.

We would like you to have faith in us because we do not store any piece of your personal information on these cookies, but the specific information that we require to make you feel better when you visit our website for the next time. We use ‘Session Cookies’ that store the information you provide us after a successful login, but they last only for a period up to which you are logged in. Simply put, ‘Session Cookies’ are deleted upon logging out. Another type of cookies we use enable you not to enter your login credentials (i.e. Username and Password) over and over again for frequently logins. However, no such cookies are created until you allow to ‘Remember Password’ at the time of login.

  • Please be informed that we do not let cookies generated by our website to be controlled by any third party.

How And Where We Use The Customer Info?

Confidential Usage of Information : We would like you to be aware of how and where we make use of your information. Every time you need to provide your personal information being a recognized visitor (after logging in) is used for autofill, which means you do not have to retype the same information repeatedly.

By accepting this policy of privacy, you allow us to use your information for different purposes of marketing, online promotion, products and services, and so forth for the betterment of your website visiting experience with us. Also, we may anytime use your personal and contact information to get in touch with you if required in any sense. We would like you to be informed about the following key points regarding the use of your personal information:

  • The use of customers’ information is only for the betterment of their experience with our website and products/services we market directly or indirectly.
  • We may use your computer’s IP address to identify and for resolving issues related to server and data transactions.
  • We may require you to fill your authentic information during some promotional of marketing surveys for us.

Sharing of Information : We do not disclose the personal information of our customers to any third party for the purpose of marketing of any sort (as mentioned already). However, such information can be shared with our partners for internal branding, servicing, affiliation, and with the developers for the sake of identification and verification, aiming at avoiding likely forgeries and thefts of individual identities. We work in accordance with the laws of sharing of personal information securely, passed by the honerable supreme court for online branding and marketing of products and services. In addition, we would like you to be aware of the following major points about information sharing:

  • The customer information can be shared with certain fellow companies we are willing to partner with, but in a fully controlled environment.
  • We, acquiring a company or a third party company acquiring ours automatically has the authority to access the personal information of our customers.

Customer Response to Information : We, at times, may release various general, essential/non-essential, promotional communications, in favor of the company, while the customers are free to cop out every such promotion, in case they do not want bothering them. Likewise, one can restore them whenever he/she is interested. However, some of the communications are mandatory and we reserve the right to send them to you whenever applicable.

You can anytime place a request to cancel your registration with us, removing your account from the list of active customers. Nevertheless, please be informed that such information remains with us on our servers in archived form and the same can be restored upon your authentic request.


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