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Pristino Pure

Enhance the cleanliness of your home with sustainable solutions.

When a Flush Isn't Enough to Get Rid of That Musty Toilet Odour

Unpleasant smells, strange plumbing noises, and sluggish drains are telltale signs of septic tank issues. Neglecting septic tank maintenance in homes, hotels, restaurants, and resorts can lead to serious and hazardous consequences.

Over 500 Five Star Reviews

Nothing inside Cleanliness Outside

Pristino Pure

The Ultimate Natural Solution for Septic Tanks

Conserve Water

End Manual Scavenging

Eliminate Infection Risks

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Who Can Use It?

How our products work

Trust Pristino Pure’s septic tank cleaner for a worry-free, natural, effective, and eco-friendly solution to maintain your toilets and septic tank, ensuring a healthier and cleaner home.

Step 1
Dropping a 500g packet of Pristino Pure into the toilet bowl will let the bio enzymes do their job.

Step 2
For optimal performance of bacteria in your septic tank, either flush them or pour water over them.

Step 3
Ensure a lifetime of superior toilet experiences and a properly cared-for septic system.

Preserving Lives and Water Quality

Over 90% of manual scavengers in India face dangerous compounds in septic tanks, risking their health, per a WaterAid study.

In 2020, 110 deaths occurred during manual sewage tank cleaning, as reported by the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis, highlighting the grave risks.

Research by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) indicates that 60% of India’s groundwater is polluted by poorly managed septic tank waste, posing a serious threat to drinking water.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reports that over 20 million people suffer from waterborne illnesses yearly, with inadequate septic tank management contributing significantly.

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Join our mission to promote a cleaner, healthier planet. Embrace a more sustainable approach to home maintenance by bidding farewell to chemical cleaners. Pristino Pure offers a level of cleanliness that is truly exceptional, benefiting both you and the environment.
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